Ten advantages of building with wood


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Construction time is shorter.
It only takes a few weeks to build the outer structure of the house. As wood is less affected by frost and rain than masonry, we can keep working in all seasons.


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The building of a wooden home takes less time so you pay for less working hours. Or, even better, for no working hours at all because with a little skill and handiness you can build the house partly or completely yourself.

A wooden house weighs less than a house of stone so the foundations can be lighter as well. Electrical wiring and plumbing is fitted easily and simply inside the wooden frame,  no need for drilling holes or chopping in stone walls.
If you opt for a wooden interior, you can simply leave the wood blank, so you do not need to buy paint.

No moisture problems

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Did you know that a lot of water is used for building a standard home? For example in mortar, concrete and plaster. It can take years for all that moisture to evaporate and sometimes it even leads to permanent problems. Wood construction, on the other hand, is dry construction. A wooden house is already perfectly dry at delivery and therefore healthy to live in. The insulation value is also 100% from day one and after delivery you do not need to wait until the plaster is dry to paint.

Fire resistant

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Wood is much more fireproof than is often thought. Wooden building structures do not catch fire easily. Just like with a fireplace you need more than a simple match to start a fire: for example dry grass, textiles or newspapers in addition to a sufficient supply of oxygen.

Once it has caught fire, solid wood has a fire-retardant effect because of its low thermal conductivity. It's poor thermal conductivity is the reason why wood is used as an insulating material. It is important to note that in a fire the surface of the wood gets charred. The charcoal forms a protective layer. As a result the internal core of the wood remains untouched and does not collapse. The thicker the beams are the longer the construction will stay standing.


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“Houten Huis” is a reliable and flexible partner.
Do you want to do as much as possible yourself? Then we deliver you the custom sawn beams with detailed construction plans. Like a large construction kit.
Do you prefer to leave the work to us? Then we take care of the assembly and guarantee a flawless finish.
Do you want us to build only the structure and leave finishing the interior to you? No problem. The choice is yours.

Carefree building

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You will receive an honest and detailed tender from us, without unexpected additional costs. We only work with professionals we know and trust, who are experienced in our construction method, so we can guarantee a high-quality placement and finishing. Depending on the region in which you build we can help you find contractors for the foundations and floor slab, plumbing, electricity, etc.
Once these contractors have been chosen we coordinate the works with them so that everything goes smoothly.

Energy efficient

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When you get your first energy bill, you will be pleasantly surprised.
Wood is very good heat insulator and regulates air-humidity, so you need to spend less on heating. Windows and doors with triple glazing are standard in our offers.
Underfloor heating and soapstone stoves are a good combination with wood. The heat by radiance ensures a high level of comfort at much lower air temperature (19 to 20 degrees) than with conventional heating. Thanks to that lower temperature there is less heat loss and therefore a considerable energy saving.

Ecological living

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Wooden buildings are sustainable and environmentally friendly.Wood is a natural raw material Producing it is low on pollution and energy use, any possibly waste is immediately recycled. In fact, nature does most of the work by letting the trees grow,  while in the meantime removing a lot of CO2 from the air. Al our wood is FSC certified and comes from sustainably managed forests in Finland. The plantation of young trees is always larger than the logging, so that nature stays in balance.

The transformation from tree to building material is a simple process that causes little pollution. Wood compares well with many other modern building materials that go through a long, polluting and energy-consuming process on their way to the  building yard. These products are usually less sustainable, non-reusable and create a permanent waste problem into the bargain.

For life

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A wooden house is easy to repair or to adapt. It can even grow with your family. Moving or removing wooden walls is not a big deal. The material can often be reused. You can keep a  wooden façade clean yourself, if you wash it every so many years it will still look like new. An extra oil or stain layer is recommended about once in every 7 to 10 years, sanding is not even necessary.

Natural & healthy

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A wooden home built from natural raw materials is good for your health. Wood Is a natural regulator of the indoor climate: Cooling and warming up are slower and more uniform than with other materials. Humidity stays a lot more stable, as a result fungi, dust mites, viruses and bacteria are less active. In addition, it reduces the risk of suffering from allergies or infections of the airways.



The Houten Huis team has an "everything-is-possible" mentality. For every problem we look for a solution together. Thoughtful communication and smooth feedback from start to finish of the construction project. Very nice cooperation, for which my sincere thanks!




The communication went very well, the works were carried out according to plan!

Stijn and Leen


We soon agreed to realize our dream, a coffee house, party location and flower picking garden in the beautiful Doorslaar, with Houten huis. From day one we could rely on their professional approach and advice. The communication and friendly interaction complete the picture!



Together with Houten Huis I was able to make my dream come true: to build a Tiny house! It was a great collaboration, where I had the feeling that my wishes and ideas were really listened to! The Tiny House has turned out exactly how I imagined it!

Koen and Eline


You were professional and personal from start to finish. Incredible what you can achieve in a week. It's your golden hands that turned all those wooden beams into a house! Thank you very much.



These guys know what they are doing. They are young and full of energy, but at the same time their work is so knowingly done that we can admire without stopping. Everything is perfect and high quality and our house was built very quickly.




Skilled people. Smooth execution. Help complete your project, even outside their contract. No financial surprises at the end.

Foto van een vrouw



My dream has come true, the comfort is unrivaled!




I can definitely recommend Houten Huis, as well as living in a wooden house (I would not want to live in a brick house anymore)! Thank you for making such a nice, warm home for us!


Tom and Anja


It was a smooth and pleasant collaboration. Always correct and well on schedule. Quality and good communication are your strengths. Thanks!



A very positive experience and satisfied with the end result. Smooth communication, solution-oriented thinking, punctuality and tidiness on site are the spearheads for the efficient progress of the works. Thank you!

Erik and Julie


The cooperation with Houten Huis was efficient and reliable, the work delivered was carried out with good care and quality. The construction site was cleaned up daily, so we felt respect for our house. In short: a positive and authentic cooperation!


Elien and Frederik


The Houten Huis team is very accessible, approachable, flexible, professional, enthusiastic, respectful... We absolutely recommend Houten Huis and would immediately choose this dynamic team again for the construction of our house!

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Your work fully met our expectations, for which thanks. The collaboration went very smoothly, nothing to complain about ...



Building with the men from Houten Huis was a party on all levels. Did things go wrong? Seldom. And those things were quickly resolved. The service afterwards is also so nice, the few dots on the i were neatly finished.

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Your colleagues were flexible and adjusted to our wishes where possible. The communication went well and the construction site was always left in an orderly manner.

Nail on the head advice

Contact us for free advice or a transparent offer. If you share your (housing) dreams with us, we are happy to help make them come true.